Polar Bears & Humans
The Polar bear is a threatened species, with an uncertain future. The main focus for Polar bear conservation today is the long-term challenges of global warming and melting sea ice, but there are also other challenges. 800-1000 Polar bears are killed by humans every year – about 4 percent of the total world population – by native people, trophy hunters, and illegal hunters. Little information is published about these hunting levels or the commercial fur trade. In the project "Polar Bears & Humans" I have investigated these topics, combined with statistics, graphics, and interviews.
In my Backyard
As a wildlife photographer, it is important to have areas close to home where it’s possible to train and test different techniques when shooting birds in flight, using flashes, underwater photography, and testing new equipment. If I can’t capture great images close to home, it's unlikely that the image quality will be amazingly better when traveling to remote areas. I call this project In my backyard and I will share some of the images with you.
Penguin World
One of my greatest passions as a photographer is penguins. These amazing creatures have much in common with humans and they are great to observe and photograph. Since 2006 I have explored the southern oceans and photographed all of the 19 penguin species. Penguins are among the best Ambassadors to address conservation issues and challenges for marine life.