Field reviews
Since 2007 I’ve tested a lot of camera gear. First I started as a Canon ambassador (2007-2010), with field testing of Canon 1D Mark II and Canon 7D in rough conditions. During this period I also administrated the website. From 2010-2012 I was a Nikon Norway Ambassador, and later Japan Photo (Cewe) Ambassador. One of the highlights was in 2015 and 2016 when I did the official Nikon beta testing of the Nikon AFS 600/4 telephoto lens and the Nikon D5. Most of my field tests have been in Polar regions, pushing the limits for cold temperatures, rough weather, and AF-capability. The plan is to upload more updated field reviews on this website, when I get access to new photo gear.
Behind the Scenes
How is it behind the camera while photographing Polar bears, Grizzly bears, or penguins? What does it take to get the images? On this page, you can see how I and other colleagues are working out in the field and what camera equipment we use.