Ole Jørgen Liodden

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Ole J Liodden of Norway is a pro wildlife photographer, author, expedition leader and conservationist. His photographic work has touched people internationally and he has received a dozen of international photo awards. He has previously been a Canon Ambassador (2008-2010) and Nikon Ambassador (2010-2012) in Norway, and since 2012 a Japan Photo Pro Ambassador in Norway. In 2015 he was one of the Nikons D5 beta testers.

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Before Ole became a full-time photographer (in 2003) he earned Master degrees from the University in Ås (Norway) in Natural Resource Management, Resource Economics and Environmental Politics. He has also studied Wildlife Management, Ornithology and Mammalogy at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). Ole has always been interested in environmental conservation and resource management, and now he uses his photography as a tool to get more interest in environmental issues in the Arctic and also marine ecosystems.

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Ole J Liodden was chosen as one of the photographers for the Wild Wonders of Europe project – the world’s largest communication project regarding nature and environmental conservation in Europe. In 2015 Ole J Liodden was the founder of Penguin World and in 2016 he started the Polar Bears & Humans project.

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Ole J Liodden is one of the founders of WildPhoto Travel, a world-leading photo expedition company with ship expeditions to Polar regions (Svalbard and Antarctica). His experience as a photo guide and expedition leader has led him to destinations such as Svalbard (40 times), Antarctica, Alaska, Africa, New Zealand, Russia Far East and the Galapagos.

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Ole J Liodden has been successful in many of the biggest international photo contests for nature and wildlife photographers. See some of the photo awards listed below:

– 2016 GDT European Photographer of the year. Highly Commended: ARCTIC KING.

– 2016 GDT European Photographer of the year. Highly Commended: AFTER THE HUNT.

– 2016 Kuwait Grand Photography Contest. 2nd place: LIVING ON THIN ICE.

– 2014 GDT European Photographer of the year. Runner-Up: TURBULENCE.

– 2014 GDT European Photographer of the year: BIRD CLIFF.

– 2012 Arctic Global Award. OVERALL WINNER: POLAR BEAR WORLD

– 2012 BBC Photographer of the year. WINNER: LIVING ON THIN ICE

– 2012 Nordic Nature Photo Contest (NNPC). WINNER: FOTOREISEN.

– 2012 GDT European Photographer of the year. Runner-Up: LIVING ON THIN ICE.

– 2012 GDT European Photographer of the year: ROYAL PENGUIN.

– 2011 BBC Photographer of the year. Joint Runner-Up: MIDNIGHT TERN

– 2011 BBC Photographer of the year. Specially Commended: SNOW KINGS

– 2011 GDT European Photographer of the year: ARCTIC ENEMIES

– 2011 GDT European Photographer of the year: ARCTIC TERN

– 2011 GDT European Photographer of the year: KING PENGUINS IN SNOW STORM.

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In the past 10 years, Ole has published 8 books about nature and photography. Some of the books who are still available for sale are listed below:

– 2016 ARKTIS – LIVET I EN VERDEN AV IS OG SNØ (Norwegian and swedish version) More info

– 2015 SVALBARD EXPOSED (English version) More info

– 2011 101 GODE FOTORÅD FOR NATURFOTO (NORWEGIAN version) More info

– 2007 HALLINGDAL (NORWEGIAN version) More info

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Internet: oleliodden.com
Facebook: Ole Jørgen Liodden WildPhoto
Instagram: ojlwildphoto
Email: ojl@oleliodden.com[/content_band][gap size=”30px”]

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