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We are now accepting the first orders.

PoleCam highlights


The PoleCam system has been designed to be IP68 waterproof. All cables, connectors, splitters and handlers with AF- and release-button can be used in wet conditions – even underwater. NB: The monitor is not waterproof.

Camera control

Two buttons are built into the handle. One for activating the AF and one for the shutter release. Both buttons are in the grip, and are fast and easy to handle. No need to move your fingers when shooting.

Live view

From the mini-HDMI connector in your camera the signal is converted to AV for better and more stable connection to your monitor. With HDMI-signals this is usually frustrating and expensive, but now the Live view from you camera can be displayed more stable.


This PoleCam is built for extreme conditions, and have been tested in Svalbard, South Georgia and Alaska. The 3K Carbon pole is very strong and all parts have been 3D printed in Resin, to make it lightweight and rugged. The pole is squared with a diameter of 25mm.


The weight of the whole PoleCam CARBON system excluding monitor and monitor arm is less than 1,0kg. This is possible because of the leightweigted construction with Carbon and Resin. This polecam is perfect for travels and easy to handle in the field.


The PoleCam has ARRI rosette adapters for handlers and tilting of the UW-housing (camera) to give maximum flexibility and reliability. In a few seconds you can change the angle and it will stays like that even when exposed for strong current and waves.

Travel friendly

The length of the poles are 80cm or 100cm, so it’s easy to fit it inside a Duffle bag or take it as hand luggage. The handlers and other parts are easy to demount, to make the system very travel friendly. This PoleCam system has been to remote areas in the Arctic and Antarctica where weight and size matters.


We have built the system so it’s easy to expand the polecam up to 400cm, or change to other handlers or accessories. We are still in an early stage of this PoleCam system, but we want to provide more accessories which can be added to the system at a later stage.


Equipment for UW photography is usually very expensive. We have tried to make a system which is reliable, lightweight, rugged, easy to use and not to costly. Compared to other polecam systems based on HDMI-signals, our PoleCam is affordable for most UW-photographers.

What’s included

The PoleCam CARBON system has 10 important parts:

    1. Bulk head (12mm, 15mm and 16mm versions) to be mounted on the UW housing.

    2. Connector inside the housing connected to the camera’s HDMI (via a slim HDMI-AV converter which is included).

    3. Connector inside the housing connecting the remote control terminal of Nikon, Canon and Sony cameras.

    4. Waterproof cable (usually 200 cm long) fitting inside the Carbon pole.

    5. Mounting plate to the UW housing (AquaTech and Sea&Sea housings), with Arri Rosette plates for stable tilting of the camera.

    6. Carbon pole (80cm or 100cm long).

    7. Handles with shutter release and AF-button. With Arri Rosette plates it is possible to adjust the angle of both handles.

    8. Monitor arm for fast and reliable adjusting of the monitor. This is the same system as many UW-photograhers use for mounting UW strobes.

    9. Splitter for sending signals to the handle (AF and shutter release) and AV-signal to the monitor.

    10. AV-monitor with 1024 x 600 pxl resolution, contrast (500:1), built-in chargeable battery, foldable sun shade hood and “flip screen”-function, since the UW-housing will most likely be mounted upside down. NB: this is not a top quality monitor, but good enough to see what you are photographing, and cheep enough to afford to destroy or drown it.


INTRODUCTION PRICE: USD $1500 (complete system), or USD $1250 (without monitor and monitor arm) for the first 10 orders. The first batch with the 5 first orders is already in production with estimated shipping date 15th March. Batch #2 with the next 5 orders have estimated shipping date 30th April. After these 10 first orders we will announce the regular pricing and future shipping dates.

See more images or video (beta version) of the PoleCam below:

Image gallery

Some of the images shot with the PoleCam system (or beta versions):