Lightroom Keyword lists

We have invested a lot of time and effort to make efficient keyword lists for photographers. All keyword lists are hierarchical organized with use of hidden keywords and synonyms to make the keyboarding as fast as possible. These keyword lists are made by photographers for photographers.

Birds of the World

These Birds of the World Ligthroom Keyword lists includes all the 14.474 species of birds, hierarchical organized based on the IOC WORLD BIRD LIST (v2.11 2012). Extinct birds and sub-species are removed from the list. We have developed different versions of these keyword lists to fit your needs.

Q&A - Which bird LR keyword list is best for me?
We are offering 6 versions of the Birds of the World Lightroom keyword lists. Which version should you choose:

  • If you prefer to use UK British names – Choose version UK BASIC, UK LATIN or UK + US LATIN
  • If you prefer to use US American names – Choose version US BASIC or US LATIN
  • If you want to include latin names – Choose version UK LATIN, US LATIN or UK + US LATIN
  • If you prefer to use UK British names, with Norwegian names as synonyms – Choose version UK + US + NO LATIN
  • Watch the movie below for more info about which keyword list is best for you.