Workshop Winter Eagles 2017


Workshop with Ole J Liodden on the western coast of Norway, photographing eagles in great winter light.

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Welcome to this photo workshop at Smøla (Norway) 12.01-15.01 2017 with Ole J Liodden. During these days you will get great opportunities to photograph White-tailed eagles (from hides and boat), seabirds and ducks. The winter light on this time of the year is usually amazing, and it is full moon 12th January, so get ready for some inspiring days on the north western coast of Norway.

Smøla has the highest density of White-tailed eagles in Europe, and there are plenty of birds to photograph. You will have great opportunities to photograph these magnificent birds both from the hide on land and at sea from a small boat. With all these eagles you can expect interesting activity and action photography of this large raptor.

During this workshop you will learn more about wildlife and nature photography. Ole J Liodden will be the host of this workshop, and he will share his secrets about photographing birds in flight, action and portraits photography of birds, and how he prepare and plan his photo projects (photography by purpose). You will be in a small group with maximum 9 other photographer with the same interests as you.

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