Polar Bears & Humans


Polar Bears & Humans – the must-have book about historical and current polar bear management.

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Given the real impacts global warming has already imposed on polar bear habitat, most people believe polar bears are protected. If they know polar bear hunting occurs, they believe it is minimal, well managed and careful, a traditional practice followed by only a small number of people indigenous to the Arctic. We tend to believe such hunting is ‘sustainable’ and for ‘subsistence’ purposes, and not a real threat to polar bears. But what does the evidence say? Few authors, researchers or managers have informed the public about the extent and purpose of polar bear hunting, and it is about time we look at the details of what hunted polar bears have endured and currently face. The facts will most likely surprise you!

The book include information about:

-Detailed impacts of global warming to polar bear habitat
-Extensive statistics of polar bear hunting activity, historically and nowadays
-An in-depth investigation of how polar bear populations have changed
-The occurrence of trophy hunting and its impact on polar bears
-What ‘problem bears’ are, how people get away with killing them, and what can be done instead
-Present-day forces fuelling the increasing demand for polar bear skins
-An informed opportunity to decide for yourself whether the last several decades have been successful for polar bears or not

The book has 355 pages in size 29 x 26 cm (weight about 2,5 kg), with rich illustrations and images.

You can read more about the Polar Bears & Humans project at HERE.

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Weight 2.5 kg


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