In my Backyard

The coronavirus lockdown in March 2020 changed a lot of my plans. I was supposed to lead 4 photo expeditions to Svalbard in March and April, but none of them where possible to run with clients. After some depressing weeks realizing that my main business would bleed seriously from this situation, I started to look for opportunities again. With all the travel restrictions, it was no other options for me than focusing my attention locally – in my own backyard.

In Norway we have a lot of nature, and where I live in Hole county, there is a mixture of a small city, agriculture, forests, fjords and rivers – all within 10 kilometer from home (the red circle on the map). There are also some nature reserves in the area, protecting birds, flora and landscape. Most of these areas are easy to visit within walking distance from home or after a short drive by car or boat. Below you can see some of my images taken in my backyard, and I hope to motivate some of you to be creative and photograph locally, at least until it is possible again to explore and photograph in more exotic environments.