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  1. Ole – First of all, loved your beta test of the D5. I’m a D3 owner, shoot a good deal of wildlife, and considering an upgrade. If you have some time, I’d enjoy a short commentary weighing how you feel the D810 compares with the D5. Obviously, the D5 is a top shelf Nikon body. The D810 weighs in with a 36MP sensor. Briefly, your thoughts of the comparison between the D810 and the D5. You’ve had your hands on the beta version of the D5, what would the D810 have to offer as a hands down over a D5. Cost not being a factor.. I do understand the basic differences, just looking for a perspective from someone who has an objective point of view. Scott

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      Hi I use the D810 for landscape and some wildlife (less than ISO 1250). AF, High ISO and weather sealing is much better on D5. Low ISO – D810 is best…

      Ole J

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